Friday, January 1, 2010

Phonemic Awareness: Zoo Phonics

Pull out those old beanie babies and put them into classroom use!  What a great supplement and way to introduce the letter of the week.  Regardless of the program you use, these beanies are sure to be a hit!

Suggestion List for your 26 A-Z Beanie Babies:

A--Alligator,   B-Bear,   C-Cat,   D-Deer,   E-Elephant,   F-Fish,   G-Gorilla,   H-Horse,

I-Inchworm,   J-Jellyfish,   K-Kangaroo,   L-Lizard,   M-Mouse,   N-Nightowl,   O-Octopus,

P-Penguin,   Q-Quail,   R-Rabbit,   S-Snake,   T-Tiger,   U-Umbrella Cockatoo Bird,

V-Vampire Bat,   W-Weasel,   X-Fox,   Y-Yak,   Z-Zebra

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