Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The "Entitlement Generation" Essay by Anchor Mom!

Amanda Goodman of KWWL in Iowa has an online column called "Anchor Mom." Her latest post is worth reading!

The "Entitlement Generation" by Anchor Mom
April 29, 2015
"If your parents had to use a wooden spoon on you, then they clearly didn’t know how to parent you.”

Yep. I got that email last night after I posted my blog.  I honestly had to laugh. Here was a stranger criticizing my parents. I tend to think they did a pretty good job. They raised three, well-rounded children. One is a successful HR exec, one is a journalist and the other is a doctor. Clearly they did something right. ;-) And let’s be real for a minute, it wasn’t all about a wooden spoon. It was about manners and respect.

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