Thursday, January 21, 2016

These '100 Days of School' activities are sure to be a hit!

Here are some great activities for the 100th Day of School! Of course, we offer our 100 Days of School Activity Kit on our Teachers Pay Teachers store (click here to get it), but here are some ideas for you!
Make this tasty snack for your students to celebrate the 100th Day of School! Use a Twix or a Kit Kat stick for the #1 and, of course, the fudge stripe cookies for the zeros!

 Here are some fun "100th Day" activities for your class to do throughout the day!
Run in place for 100 seconds.
Walk 100 steps.
Jump 100 times on both feet.
Swing for 100 seconds.
Do 100 jumping jacks.
Touch your toes 100 times.
Stand on one foot for 100 seconds.
 Stand perfectly still for 100 seconds.
Wiggle your toes for 100 seconds (keep your shoes on!).
Wiggle your fingers for 100 seconds.
Make a funny face and hold it for 100 seconds.
Do a silly dance for 100 seconds.
March in place for 100 seconds.
Blink your eyes 100 times.

Here's a poem your students are sure to enjoy! It also makes a great chant to stomp and clap to. The end of the poem states that there are 100 words. Have your students count the words to confirm!
100 is a Lot!
By: Meish Goldish
100 dogs, 100 cats,
100 heads for 100 hats,
100 women, 100 men,
100's more than 5 or 10.
100 buttons, 100 coats,
100 sails for 100 boats.
100 cookies, 100 cakes,
100 kids with bellyaches!
100 shoes, 100 socks,
100 keys for 100 locks.
100 puddles mighty dirty,
100's even more than 30.
100 daughters, 100 sons,
100 franks on 100 buns.
100 trees, 100 plants,
100 picnics, 100 ants!
100 is a lot to count,
100 is a LARGE AMOUNT!
100 kisses, 100 hugs,
100 bats and 100 bugs.
100 bees, 100 birds,
This poem has 100 words!

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