Monday, March 28, 2016

Five Kinds of Context Clues

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Contrast   General   
 When you use clues in a story to figure out the meaning
of an unknown word, you are using context clues.

1. Definition: The author explains the meaning of the word right in the sentence or selection.
Example: When Sara was hiking, she accidentally walked through a patch of brambles, which are prickly vines and shrubs.

2. Synonym: The author uses a word similar in meaning.
Example: Josh tripped over the ottoman in the living room. He then mumbled, "I wish people would not leave the footstool right in the middle of the room!"

3.Antonym: The author uses a word nearly opposite in meaning.
Example: My new puppy, Rex, is very frolicsome. Rex's mother Lady, however, is very serious and never seems to want to play.

4. Contrast: The author tells how something is different from the unknown word.
Example: The supermarket manager complained, "Why do we have such a plethora of boxes of cereal on the shelves? On the other hand, we hardly have any pancake and waffle mix."

5. General: The author uses several words that give clues to the word's meaning.
Example: It was a sultry day. The day was very hot and humid. If you moved at all, you would break out in a sweat. It was one of those days to drink water and stay in the shade.

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