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Curious George: No Ordinary Monkey!

***For 3rd-6th Grade Students***
We have all grown up loving the mischievous little monkey named Curious George. For years, he has filled our minds and hearts with adventure and excitement!
But do you know about the true-to-life adventure that saved Curious George from nonexistence?

Thanks to author Louise Burden, we now know true story behind our favorite little monkey! In the book entitled The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey, Mrs. Burden unveils the journey taken by the authors and creators of Curious George. 

In 1940, H.A. and Margret Rey had to flee their Paris home as the German army advanced on the capital city. They began their harrowing journey taking only a few possessions, including the book manuscript that was to become Curious George!
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This book is an excellent resource to use as an introduction in teaching students about the Holocaust and the importance of respecting others. The book is available from Amazon by clicking right here.
"A stirring and elegantly packaged saga."- Published Weekly, starred review

Teacher Resource Room has developed a comprehensive unit to use along with this extraordinary book.

The Journey That Saved Curious George Literature Unit

This Mega Unit for grades 3-6 includes a
44 Page activity unit and a 38 Slide PowerPoint Presentation.
When purchasing this unit you will receive...
  • A PowerPoint presentation which includes a script and instruction guide for the teacher. 
  • Links and research information on how to introduce the Holocaust.
  • A 5 lesson summary on how use the unit.
  • A student packet that coincides with the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Background information on Curious George.
  • Book overview and author introduction.
  • Vocabulary Words related to the book.
  • Comprehension Questions with an answer key.
  • Instructions on how to do a group project with the book, by using the "Jigsaw Method."
  • Timeline materials for your students to map out the journey taken by Curious George and his creators.
  • Four extended activities which include critical thinking, creative writing, character development, and self-reflection. 
Sample Pages

Sample of the PowerPoint 

Depending on how in-depth you choose to get on the subject, this unit is creatively designed to last between 1 to 3 weeks.
If you have questions on how to implement this amazing unit in your classroom, please contact us at webmaster@teacherresourceroom.com
and we will be happy to help!
Samples of
 Instruction Guide, Script, Timeline, and Vocabulary Words

 Samples of
Holocaust Lesson, Critical Thinking Assignment, Comprehension Questions,
Cover Sheet for Student Packet, and Lesson Summary
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