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Featured Author: Kitty Griffin

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Cowboy Sam is the most trustworthy man in his small town. He’s so trustworthy that he bears the responsibility of keeping the secrets told to him by all the townspeople. Sam keeps these secrets tucked away in his cowboy hat. The Texas tale takes a humorous and unexpected turn when his cowboy hat becomes so full of secrets that it explodes causing all the secrets to escape! Your students will love finding out the townspeople's reaction to this dilemma! 

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Book Review-The Foot-Stomping Adventures of Clementine Sweet 
Clementine Sweet is the most ornery cowgirl in the whole entire Texas Hill Country. She's the youngest of fourteen children and doesn't like being forgotten. To get attention she starts stomping on people's feet just to get noticed. Thankfully, she finds a way to change her bad habit and ends up using her stomping talent for good! Your students will love reading how Clementine's frustrations turn into triumphs! 

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If you like the book, Cowboy Sam, then you'll love the literature unit we created! 

The unit contains a pre-reading and post-reading activity, a cut-and-glue vocabulary and definitions activity, comprehension questions, critical thinking questions, a creative writing lesson, a character trait lesson, and a predicting lesson. An answer key is also included. 

Other books by Kitty Griffin:

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Who is Kitty Griffin?
Always curious about why people do what they do, Kitty studied criminal behavior in college. She worked with juvenile offenders as a counselor, but then as it happens, life took some twists and turns so Kitty worked as a waitress, a secretary, a mailman, a rehab counselor, a graphic artist, and here and there she has worked teaching children as young as two, high schoolers and as old as graduate students in college.

Her writing also took some twists and turns, as she won state awards for her newspaper articles, starred reviews and awards for her picture books, and a first-place award for her screenplay, "Fisheye."

Writing dominates her life, although she takes time to visit schools and libraries with her trained therapy dog, a corgi named Coriander. She also enjoys hiking, biking, and taking care of her flower and vegetable gardens on her four acres tucked away in a little valley in Western Pennsylvania.

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