Monday, May 2, 2016

Fun Friday Activities!

The month of May is a great time to have "Fun Fridays!"
Here are some great activities that are sure to make
lasting memories!

This is a literature unit for the award-winning book "The Relatives Came" by Cynthia Rylant. Book Description: In a rainbow-colored station wagon that smelled like a real car, the relatives came. When they arrived, they hugged and hugged from the kitchen to the front room. All summer they tended the garden and ate up all the strawberries and melons. They plucked banjos and strummed guitars. When they finally had to leave, they were sad, but not for long. They all knew they would be together next summer.

Take handprint art to a new level with these
Super Heroes and Summer Fun Ideas!

Inspire your students with this amazing story!
This is a Literature Unit on the book "The Eagles Who Thought They Were Chickens"
by Mychal Wynn.
The book is described as an African fable chronicling the birth of eagles in a chicken yard. Separated from their homeland, unknowing their historical past, and ridiculed for their differences, they struggle with their sense of self-identity until they are encouraged and inspired by another eagle.
This inspiring story of self-identity and self-discovery provides a strategy to reduce bullying, eliminate disruptive behaviors, and challenge students to affirm their potential and pursue their dreams.

Motivate your students with this "Smartie Pants" incentive!
The Smartie Pants Certificate Kit includes four certificates for your classroom that feature a "Smartie Pants" theme! Certificates for tests, report cards, end of the year, and critical thinking are included.

 Happy Sunshine Faces
 Paper plates, curly ribbon, paint, and clothes pins are all you need to make these adorable sun crafts that will brighten your classroom! 

Stunning Chalk Art
All it takes is some inexpensive sidewalk chalk to create these eye-catching images that will melt the hearts of parents! These simple drawings will bring out the personalities of your students!

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