Friday, August 12, 2016

Support the Curious George documentary on Kickstarter!

In case you haven't noticed, we are huge Curious George fans, so we were excited to hear that filmmaker Ema Ryan Yamazaki, a self-professed George fan, was funding a documentary about Hans and Margret Rey (George's creators) on Kickstarter. With only days left to go in their funding campaign, we hope our faithful readers will support this very worthwhile project and make this happen!  

Filmmaker Ema Ryan Yamazaki (right) and animator Jacob Kafka
For the past two years, Yamazaki has personally funded the documentary, conducting interviews and laying the basic structure for the film. To complete it, however, additional funds are needed. Jacob Kafka will be providing animation in the style of the original Curious George books to tell the story of the Rey's journey from Europe and Nazi oppression to South America and finally to America. Archival footage needs to be licensed. Music has to be scored. That all takes money, so Yamazaki is conducting a Kickstarter campaign to raise $175,000 to fund completion of the film. 

You can pledge as little as $5 and even get a "thank you" in the film's credits. You can pledge much more, of course, and get all sorts of rewards, from a digital download of the completed documentary to all sorts of Curious George items. 

To back the Kickstarter project, click right here to donate and learn more about this great documentary. Be sure to tell others as well and let's get this documentary made!

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