Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy 75th birthday, Curious George!

September 17 marks the 75th anniversary of the release of the very first Curious George book! Each year, Curiosity Day is held around the world on the date to celebrate George and his stories.

The official Curious George website has lots of activities and resources for download for young children to use (click here to visit the website), and you can also celebrate George with these books, as well as our literature unit, that offers a historical lesson on the Reys, the creators of George.

You can even test your knowledge of Curious George by taking an online quiz filled with George trivia. You can take the quiz by clicking right here.

Our literature unit on the book The Journey That Saved Curious George not only tells the story of George's creators, it also serves as an introduction to the events of World War II and the Holocaust, a sensitive subject for young students. It includes a 44 page PDF lesson and a powerpoint presentation. You can get the literature unit at our Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking right here.

These special 75th Anniversary edition Curious George books would make a great addition to any library! Here are links to order them from Amazon:

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