Sunday, October 30, 2016

This Crayon Sharpener is a classroom MUST HAVE!

Teachers: here's a great item for your Christmas wish list! Be sure your room parent is aware of the CrayonPro Electric Sharpener from Elmer's

Here's the item's description, straight from Amazon:
Sharpen old crayons to look and draw like new! This electric sharpener even cuts the paper automatically from the crayon as it sharpens. The sharpener includes a plastic brush and pick tool to help clean spent crayon chips from the sharpener mechanism. The sharpener features an automatic stop mechanism that prevents over-sharpening. Use it for crayon sharpening only. A replacement cutting cartridge is available.  

 The CrayonPro Sharpener isn't cheap, but it is worth it! You can click right here to order one from Amazon!

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