Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3 Valentine Gifts that will WOW your Parents!

Need some inspiration to jazz up your classroom's Valentine's Day theme? Here are some great ideas!

Blowing Kisses
 Cut out paper heart and place them on a blank wall. Have your students pretend they are blowing a kiss. Frame the photo or use it on a Valentine card. It is sure to be a gift parents will treasure for years to come!

Thumbprint Bookmarks

Supplies Needed:
red construction paper
white paper
scallop scissors
red ribbon
single hole punch
red washable ink

Cut the red and white paper into 2"x 8" strips. Then use scallop scissors to trim down the white paper just enough to let the red show on the sizes. Glue the two papers together. Punch out a hole at the top of the bookmark and run a small ribbon through. Use the child's thumbs to make these adorable hearts with red washable ink.  

"Be Mine" Valentine card 

Important Note:
Before placing your student's hand down on the card, make sure their thumbs and index fingers are connecting and making a heart shape.

Place the hands on the card, folded size down, so that you can flip it over and see the heart shape.

Write "Be Mine" inside the heart! 

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