Saturday, April 29, 2017

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Here are some great suggestions for celebrating Cinco de Mayo in your classroom!
"Separate is Never Equal" Book and Literature Unit
  Book Description: Almost 10 years before "Brown vs. Board of Education," Sylvia Mendez and her parents helped end school segregation in California. An American citizen of Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage who spoke and wrote perfect English, Mendez was denied enrollment to a "whites only" school. Her parents took action by organizing the Hispanic community and filing a lawsuit in federal district court. Their success eventually brought an end to the era of segregated education in California. The author, Tonatiuh masterfully combines text and folk-inspired art to add an important piece to the mosaic of U.S. civil rights history.
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Literature Unit Description
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This PDF Literature Unit is made up of 13 pages and is suitable for grades 3rd-5th, including:
*The Robert F. Sibert Honor Assignment
*Pura Belpre' Honor Assignment
*Critical Thinking Questions
*Fact and Opinion
*Character Traits
*Compare and Contrast
*Vocabulary Definitions
*Comprehension Questions
*Answer Key


More great books to read for Cinco de Mayo!
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Abuelo and the Three Bears: a Spanish/English Flip Book!
One side is written in Spanish and the other side is written in English!
Book Description: Emilio's grandfather gives a Hispanic flavor to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as he brings a beautiful, black-braided heroine to the center of the tale." 

 Sombreros y Serapes!
 A Cinco de Mayo fiesta isn't complete without sombreros and serapes! Your students will have a great time decorating these from poster board cutouts!  

Sing, dance, and shake your maracas to some Mariachi music! 
Fill leftover plastic Easter eggs with rice, place two plastic spoons on either side of the egg, wrap it up with tape and you have a maraca!
Let your students personalize it with their own designs!
The maracas can also be filled with pebbles, beans, beads, or coins to give it a different sound.
Supplies Needed:
2 plastic spoons
masking tape
leftover plastic Easter eggs


Crunchy Taco Book Report
After reading their favorite Cinco de Mayo book, students will love writing a book report inside this tasty looking taco!
Begin by cutting a large circle out of  brown or yellow construction paper. Then, fold the circle in half to create the shape of a taco. Next, cut strips of brown, yellow and green (to resemble the cheese, meat and lettuce). Cut circles out of red paper for the tomatoes. Lastly, glue those pieces onto the inside edge of the taco. 

The title of the book is displayed on the outside of the taco and the report is written inside.  

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