Monday, April 24, 2017

The Only Class Rule You will Ever Need!

Don't Be Mean!
Written By: Sandy Merz
"Don't Be Mean" anchors our class. Here is what students find best about the rule:
  • Students actually use it
  • It's not hurtful
  • No one puts down themselves
  • You get treated with respect
  • People try to follow it
  • No one makes fun of you
  • People aren't mean like in other classes
  • Goes for everyone
  • It's straightforward and promotes friendliness
Here how it works:
 I introduce the rule on the first day of class and make it unconditional. Even when it's not easy, even when someone else is mean first, even when it's not intended: Don't Be Mean. Then I say "we'll take up everything else as it comes on along."

The second day, we repeat the rule.

Sometime later, I make a "Don't Be Mean" poster that everyone who's willing to try not to be mean can sign.

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