Monday, July 10, 2017

Amazing Anchor Charts for Reading Comprehension

What are Anchor Charts?
Anchor Charts are instructional tools educators display in the classroom, which students use as a reference. Information displayed on the Anchor Charts provide support for a lesson the teacher, and it can remind students of routines and expectations in the classroom.

Anchor Charts are typically created on chart paper or an interactive white board. They are created by the teacher and students together, during a lesson or class discussion. Both teacher and student are responsible for recording the ideas the class generates.

Anchor Charts for

Reading Comprehension 

Character Journey (By: Literacy & Math Ideas)
Understanding a Character (By: The Teacher Next Door)

Using Context Clues (By: Teacher Trap!)
Decoding Strategies

Asking and Answering Questions (By: True Life I’m a Teacher)
Building Fluency (By:Step Into Second Grade)

Cause and Effect (By: Mrs. Sandberg’s Smarty Arties)
Going Deeper (By: Life in Fifth Grade)

Inference Thinking Stems (By: The Curriculum Center)
Finding the Main Idea (By: Life in First Grade)
Making Connections (By: Teacherific in 2nd Grade)
Making Inferences (By: Book Units Teacher)

Choosing a Just-Right Book (By: McDee’s Busy Bees)
Understanding Plot (By: Miss Klohn’s Classroom)

Point of View (By:Wise Guys)
Retelling (By: The Techy Teacher)

Self-Monitoring While Reading (By: Life in Fifth Grade)
Tackling a Text (By: The Good Life)

Visualizing (By: Teaching With a Mountain View)

Defining Words (By: Creating Readers and Writers)
Understanding What Reading Looks Like (By: Head Over Heels for Teaching)

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