Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Unpacking the Standards

"Unpacking a standard" is the process of identifying what students will know and be able to do when they have mastered the standards. Through the process of identifying nouns and verbs in a standard, educators will be able to create learning targets that focus on student content and skill acquisition.

Critical Elements to Remember when "Unpacking the Standards:"
1. Identify key concepts and skills.
2. Identify learning target types.
3. Determine big ideas.

Steps for "Unpacking the Standards" and understanding what is contained within each point.

  • Identifying “essential” standards.
  • Developing clear learning goals or objectives.
  • Shifting students’ focus from “answer getting” to solving problems and critical thinking. 
  • Exposing students to a large variety of complex texts in ALL subject areas. 
  • Connecting the standard topics to the prior knowledge of students.
  • Establishing the classroom environment as a community of learners. 

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