Monday, September 24, 2018

On the Road to Recovery!

To All My Faithful Followers:
In February of 2018, I was diagnosed with an early stage of uterine cancer. At the time, the doctor was hopeful that surgery would resolve the issue without chemo. It turned out to be much more challenging than that. The surgery would reveal that I had a form of cancer called Synchronous Primary, which meant I had a second cancer growing. The cancer was ovarian, which did require chemo. The journey has been a battle, but with the Lord’s help I am finally on the road to recovery!
As I began to restore my health, I started looking for ways to live healthier and limit the toxins that enter my home. A friend told me about an online wellness shopping club. They sell over 400 products such as household cleaners, home fragrances, beauty care, food and beverages, and of course, vitamins & supplements. I have been so pleased with everything I have purchased from them.
As a preferred customer, not only do I get discounted rates but they also have a program in which I am also able to supplement my income. Which is definitely something all teachers could use, am I right?
If you are like me and are trying to recover from a health crisis or if you just want to make your life healthier, send me a message. I can send you the link, or just give you more information on it. Remember, this is a wellness shopping club, so there is no selling, start up costs or gimmicks. It’s just a great way to start buying healthier household products and rid your home and body of toxins. ~Lena   
Some of my favorite products!

Gets rid of those aches and pains.
Great for a midmorning snack!
Avoids harmful toxins on my face.
The best Kona coffee!
Keeps my feet silky smooth!

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