Friday, December 28, 2018

The Key to Successful Schools: Let Teachers Innovate!

A column by John Spencer is saying what most of us have been saying for years - the best prospects for innovation in the classroom will come from the teachers inside of it.

Spencer, a college professor who blogs about education and discusses ways to turn classrooms into "bastions of creativity and wonder."

"The future of education can’t be found in a gadget or an app or a program or a product," he says in the column. "It doesn’t require a think tank full of pundits. No, the future of education can be found in the classroom. Every classroom is packed with creative potential and teachers have the power to make it happen."

Spencer advocates for an educational system defined locally, rather than one dictated by a bureaucracy that stifles creativity. "If we want to see innovation happening in our schools, we need to trust, encourage, and empower teachers to transform their practice," he said. "Too often, teachers are forced to teach inside the box and it can feel frustrating."

This video was posted by Spencer with his column.

You can read Spencer's entire column by clicking here.

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