Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Amazon's STEM Discovery Boxes Now Available for Ordering

Amazon is now offering an exciting subscription box: STEM Discovery Boxes!

STEM Discovery Boxes are exciting science kits for boys and girls ages 7 to teen. Sent out monthly to subscribers, each STEM Discovery Box is filled with hands-on activities and experiments that are fun and educational. These boxes could serve as a resource for the classroom when you need it, or as a recommendation to parents to extend student learning to the home.

Each box is geared to challenge young minds though Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, so despite the name, it actually follows the STEAM approach. Age-appropriate astronomy, robotics, motors, hydraulics, aerospace, physics, and chemistry are among the subjects covered in each box. For example, the whale model in the picture above is powered by a small motor the child can build, which moves it on land and water!

Every box, delivered by mail each month, will include three exciting STEM projects. Children will learn how things work, why they work and how to create them. According to Amazon, the boxes won a Parent's Choice Award for their ingenuity.

STEM Discovery Boxes list these experiments and projects that they have featured in their boxes:

  • Robotic bug, electronic dough, working carnival game, hologram, solar system model
  • Fizzing science, hydraulic claw, laser mirror maze, crystals, Water-powered clock
  • Gooey Experiments, remote control elevator, Drawbot, sun art, fiber optics, digital microscope
  • Walking robot, neon lamp, germ experiments, terrarium, structure design, geodes
  • Jelly marbles, amphibious vehicle, propeller-powered car, fossil, bubble science
  • Color science, instant snow, balloon helicopter, seltzer rocket, periscope, build a generator

Boxes are automatically billed each month at $30, with the first box discounted to $25. You can place an order to try out a box by clicking right here.

We have yet to try out these boxes ourselves, so if you do, let us know in the comments section below what you think!

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