Sunday, July 28, 2019

Puck Lights Make a Great Classroom Management Tool!

If you have a rowdy class, puck lights can be a great tool to help establish order in your classroom!

Educator Dan Mault posted this great idea on his website (and we recommend you check him out) that uses the lights as a way to establish authority. The lights (which are available on Amazon by clicking here) can alternate colors thanks to a remote, allowing a teacher to use a particular color to set the level of student activity.

Mault revealed how he uses the colors.

I am using a color coding system to let students know what the color means when it is on:
Red- No talking.
Blue- Low talking with 1 partner.
Green- Low talking with your group.
White- Low indoor voices.

Mault has also made the signs seen in the photo available for free download through his Teachers Pay Teachers store (click here to get them).

The lights are available to order from Amazon by clicking right here.

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