Tuesday, August 4, 2020

CLASSROOM TIP: Engage Shy Students with Rubber Ducks! Here's How!

Many students are often reluctant to raise their hand when a teacher asks a question. For shy students, it's even harder to engage in classroom participation.

For teachers, it's often difficult to ensure that all students participate, but we've found a fun practice that can help, and it involves rubber ducks!

Some teachers are buying small rubber ducks and writing each student's name on one. The ducks are then placed in a bucket. When a teacher asks a question during a lesson, they pull a random duck and have the "lucky duck" student answer the question!

The practice is a great way to ensure every student gets called on, and it adds some levity to a busy school day.

Amazon offers a lot of mini rubber ducks that would be perfect for this! You can order the lot by clicking right here (or below).

If you have other tips to help engage shy students, be sure to let us know!

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