Friday, August 7, 2020

Imperial Sugar Offers Educational Resources for Young Kids

The Imperial Sugar website has an educational section offering a number of fun projects for young students. 

The website offers projects and crafts in four categories: Sweet Science Projects (all involving sugar), craft ideas, edible art projects, and free printables. Most are centered around the use of sugar, of course, but are fun and simple to do either in-class or at home.

The science projects in particular are creative and can be integrated into classroom lessons. One project involves making rock candy by creating sugar crystals, while another project creates "fizz bombs" using sugar, citric acid, and baking soda.

Another project involves breaking down sugar with heat to create caramel, a fun chemistry project that is better suited for older students because of safety issues.

There's even a video section in which Steve Spangler conducts various science demonstrations using sugar. They are an entertaining watch and most can be replicated in a classroom.

The printables and craft projects are mostly holiday-based, but well wort bookmarking for later reference or use.

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